Your First Visit To a Chiropractor

Expect something positive

Spine related pain is very common in our modern society. Our spinal posture is affected by many factors including our work places, inconsistent exercise regimes and consistent use of electronic items such as smart phones.

It is recognised that a large portion of the community is suffering from such problems for a long time and solutions such as taking over-the-counter or prescribed pharmaceutical tablets, using back or neck braces, special beds, or even surgery are often ineffective.

Chiropractic care has been used to improve or eliminate these problems for over a century and it can help you too.

Like many of our clients, you may have been suffering for a while before realising Chiropractic care can help you.

When you are ready to start, call us for an appointment and we will get to work sorting out your problem.


When you visit the High Road Chiropractic Centre, you will be warmly welcomed with that family friendly smile and made to feel at home. From the moment you walk in, you will notice that the High Road Chiropractic Centre has been specifically designed as a centre for care.

You don’t need any referral to see a Chiropractor unless your GP has supplied you with one for EPC (Enhanced Programme Care) or DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) purposes.

We operate an appointment system and work hard to ensure we are running on time. If you ever experience a short wait before seeing your chiropractor, be assured this is a rare event and it means someone has problems that require extra attention. If you ever need extra care – we will ensure you get all the care you need too.

As a First Time patient there is paperwork to do, please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can take your time to read and complete everything carefully. This initial paperwork is to help our chiropractors get a better idea of your health history and current needs so that we can supply the most appropriate care for you.

Once completed, you will be introduced to the Chiropractor who will proceed from here.

Your Initial Consultation, Examination and Adjustment

Your Chiropractor will sit down with you and give you the opportunity to explain whatever it is that has bought you into the High Road Chiropractic Centre.

The initial consultation is aimed at discussing and assessing your problem and to ensure Chiropractic Care is suited to your needs. Following the discussion and questions, there will be a physical examination of the region causing your problem. Our goal is to identify the source and cause of the problem.

This will also involve a postural assessment, range of motion testing, orthopaedic testing and a neurological screen, which will enable us to measure your improvement over time.

In most cases a working diagnosis can be formed and treatment can commence on the same day. You will also be informed at this first visit, if assessment of your situation would benefit by further examinations, such as x-rays.

Combining all this information gives us a clearer picture to be able to deliver the best possible recommendations for your health.

The Second Visit, Returning for Treatment

When you return, your chiropractor will review your examination and any x-ray findings with you. We’ll detail what you can expect from care, the likely frequency of visits, when we expect your symptoms may lessen and the appropriate time to start rehabilitation exercises.

Regular Visit

Your regular visits are usually not long, taking about 15 minutes. This gives us sufficient time for treatment and any discussion regarding your progress, it is important to us that you’re well-educated about your issue and understand what is happening. This understanding will help avoid life style choices that will hinder improvement of the initial problem.


We’re happy to review your family and children for potential spinal problems at no charge. Checking your spine can be thought of as a preventative measure appropriate for the whole family, rather than a procedure done only once problems are occurring.

Should you wish to do this please inform reception staff in advance so they can allocate extra time to accommodate your family.


Our priority is to help you – Phone : 9354-7000