High Road Chiropractic Centre, Riverton – Willetton

The High Road Chiropractic Centre first opened its doors in 2010. Providing care and support to the people of Riverton, WA and the neighbouring suburbs of Willetton, Rossmoyne, Shelley, Parkwood, Ferndale, Lynwood, Langford and Canning Vale.

Chiropractors provide care for patients suffering from a variety of problems including headaches, neck pain, back pain, lower back pain and sciatica.

Many new patients are unsure of what to expect on their first visit :

On your initial consultation you will be asked a case history of the problem, including your general health background.

Following the case history a physical exam will be done, including appropriate neurological and orthopaedic tests.

After an assessment of the above information, it may be determined that a radiographic examination is necessary and a referral for x-rays may be provided.

You will also have a discussion regarding the pro’s and con’s of chiropractic care so you understand and can make an educated choice regarding what care you need.

Usually it is necessary to await the results of any tests or radiographs – however in some cases advice and some gentle treatment may be appropriate and will be undertaken.

Asking questions is encouraged – please feel free to do so if you do not have a clear understanding of what is being discussed.